My wife and I had such an amazing time with Aundrea. Her passions for what she does is so visible, no wonder her work is amazing. From the moment she walked in my wife and I both felt at ease. It felt as if we had been friends forever. We had so much fun, our shoot flew by. We will definitely be calling her again.Matias E., Massachusetts

Undressed Moments

Undressed Moments is a labor of love, it’s the pieces of life I’ve gathered that don’t seem to fit into any square boxes, the tears, the snorting laugh, the forgotten desires and the life blood that seems to be the essence of what we most cherish. This is photography for those who want to “feel” their pictures, for those who want to stretch a little out of their comfort zone and let it all go for just a little while so that they can take something into the future with them. Images that allows them to look back at some moment in time and remember who they were as opposed to how they looked.

My sessions are a collaboration between myself and the people I’m photographing, it’s important to me that before our session we spend a little time going over what our time together will look like and how we can best facilitate an environment of ease and beauty in order to breathe a little magic into your images.


In a nut shell, I am most happy when connecting, creating or cuddling. I must have coffee, music and good conversation to survive and I literally feel lost if I go more than a day or two with out my camera. I hope to continue traveling though out my life and have every intention at becoming very good at yoga one day. I drive a Subaru, have some amazing little humans that I get to call my own and one cool Viennese husband. I don’t like chocolate all that much but would fight for the last red vine If had to!