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I used to shy away from doing portraits because it’s an incredibly vulnerable experience for me as the photographer. For me to sit with another person and really see them, to be entrusted with something that I personally find incredibly valuable is at times terrifying! It’s one of the only situations as a photographer where I can’t hide behind my camera and just watch others interact, I have to be as emotionally present as my subject.  I’m always nervous and usually insecure,  if I’m sitting across from you in an open and honest manner you will most likely notice. I require of myself not to hide these emotions because if I’m going to photograph someone and ask them to bring something honest to the table I think its only right that I do the same.

This here is Allyson, she’s obviously gorgeous but she’s also honest and emotionally intelligent and incredibly kind. We started off our session with a ginger chai latte at the Woodstar Cafe in Northampton and got down to the business of getting to know one another. As I write this I am incredibly honored to have had this day with this person.