Aundrea MarschounBoudoir, Portfolio

I’m never really sure what to title this style of photography. Is it boudoir? Kind of but not entirely. I really love the term intimate portrait and I think it best describes these type of sessions. It’s a style of portraiture that exudes emotion and lingers at the edge of something deep and mysterious that we all carry with in us. Vulnerability asks for strength and something raw and unhindered, its not easy but it’s worth the effort. This type of photography can be sexy but that shouldn’t be the goal, it should be the result of the process. Sexy is obvious, it can be a cheap thrill if over done. Vulnerability is beautiful and attractive and something like sexy but much more desirable if you ask me.

This boudoir / Intimate portrait session with Annalise started like most of my sessions, over coffee and conversation. I learned a lot about her, I could sense that she was comfortable with her body and sensuality so we spent our time trying to tap into something beyond those things. Together we focused on movement, and created shapes and feeling with the generous amounts of light streaming through her windows. We laughed a bunch, talked about our plans for the future, our fears and goals. These are a few of the images we made that I hope captured a special part of this beautiful woman