Anthony + Liza // Emerson Inn Elopement

Aundrea MarschounFeatured, Portfolio, Wedding

Wedding day portrait with moody light

Set on the sea shore of Rockport, Massachusetts lies the quaint Emerson Inn. Unassuming at first but a perfect balance of New England charm and rustic chic upon entering. It’s filled with winding stair cases, deep victorian colors and an overwhelming essence of the sea.

For Liza and Anthony the time spent with family before the wedding ceremony was a really important part of their day. The natural love and connection that accompanies those last few moments before everything begins to unfold make it one of my favorite times to photograph at weddings. With Liza being 7 month pregnant it felt even more special with so much love an care surrounding both her and her little one. 

First looks are so exciting to photograph. It’s hard not to feel the anticipation of it, wondering how the bride and groom will respond to seeing one another for the first time. With so many cool stair cases and the moody natural light at the Inn we opted to use the stair case and parlor for Liza and Anthony’s first peek at one another. It did not disappoint!  

One of my favorite lines from Liza’s wedding vows was that she fell in love with Anthony “embarrassingly quick”. To see the two of them together it makes perfect sense though, they just fit together perfectly. They opted for a simple and beautiful wedding ceremony with the rugged New England Coast in the background and the sun warming up the breeze filled day. The two (soon to be three) made their promises to one another as their family surrounded them in love and support. 

We had originally thought we would travel down the road a ways to a quarry that was a popular spot for wedding portraits however upon seeing the sea cliffs right out in front of the Inn Liza opted to stay close and venture out on the rocks. Needless to say Liza was not only one of the most gorgeous brides of all time but 7 months pregnant to boot. I actually had the thought that being pregnant just made her all the more beautiful amplifying the tenderness shared between them.