Norine + James // Big Sur, California

Aundrea MarschounWedding

bride and groom in the trees at big sur

Full disclosure, This wedding is special to me because its my sisters wedding! It was an interesting experience being both a guest and a photographer. It’s also the first wedding that i’ve imbibed a bit more than the customary sipping drink 🙂 Oh and I cried like a baby so theres that.

The thing is this woman here is pretty much the most fabulous human you could hope to meet. She’s both kind and sassy, fierce and gentle and just one of those people that when you meet them you feel like they have always been a part of your life. So as a sister who honestly would only want the best for Norine it made my heart full that she has had James as her  partner all these years. This shindig was their way of celebrating both their love but also their friends and families. They are just simply the best!!

OH and did I mention we got to spend the weekend at Big Sur in California. Not only were we in one of the most beautiful locations in the entire world ( my opinion ) but we stayed at the Big Sur River Inn which was filled with our whole family. We met in the mornings for breakfast, trickling in and going to and fro. We bumped into each other randomly and hung out in eacho thers rooms.

As there are four of us sisters and Norine is the first of us to have a traditional wedding you can imagine how it was for us family to watch our dad walk her down the isle. How much we laughed at the speeches and cried a the vows.

And for anyone who knows my sisters, a party is not a party with out a little craziness and revelry! I loved every moment of my time with Norine and James and I feel honored to have been there to celebrate with them!!