ICA Boston Wedding // Emily + Jordan

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Here’s the thing, Florian and I are extremely blessed to have the most amazing, kind hearted lovely people to work with. We are truly fortunate, there is no doubt. So when I go to write about weddings I often feel at a loss describing the day with out being redundant when everyone is so unique and beautiful. Which is why as I sit down to write about Emily and Jordan I find it extremely enjoyable to have a million wonderful things I want to say. I could tell you that everything was exquisitely gorgeous, It was. I could use words like swoon and obsessed and they would be fitting. I could write about how K.Kerkorian Weddings absolutely killed it, how everyone did. However that is not what stands out when I think of this wedding. On the way home from the ICA Florian and I were talking about the day as we always do.  We were chuckling about how when Emily’s dress ripped she took it in stride with an almost impish grin (one of many of Emily’s expressions). We were talking about how beautiful her dress was but then we both had to admit that the dress was hardly even noticeable. This big beautiful gorgeous gown that should have been a show stopper (and it was on its own) couldn’t over shadow Emily. That when Emily and Jordan are together it’s like they have a force of their own, it’s almost impossible to notice anything else, even the most gorgeous of dresses. They are the couple that you think would never want to hang out with you but make you feel they would like nothing more. They are fabulous people, and once again we feel incredibly fortunate to have been in a position to meet them and share in such a special day with them.

For Emily and Jordans first look we scouted out a little patch of privacy across the street from the Boston Harbor Hotel. A quiet little moment for the two of them to wow each other, snuggle and laugh.

The ceremony took place at the Institute of Contemporary Art or ICA in Boston. Settled out on the grand deck with stadium seating looking out into the ocean and city beyond. The two of them exchanged vows, laughs and one very special gift from Emily to Jordan 🙂

Of course one of the charms of the ICA is the amazing architecture, light and ambiance. Our time together inside the museum was brief but spectacular!

Cocktail hour at the ICA held out on the main deck is one of the most beautiful locations. It has a perfect view of the water and as the sun sets it begins to light everything up in that warm glowy way that only sunsets over the water can. The lights of the city as they emerged felt like they were planned just for the event. All this acompanied by hand crafted cocktails by A catered Affair.

The day unfolded one thing upon the next in an easy fluid motion. Dinner followed by dancing and dancing and more dancing. Embraces among loved ones, laughter and the glow of Emily and Jordan. The venue decorated to a tee with garden globe lights, flowers upon flowers by Laura Jean Flowers, a brilliant band, and gorgeous table settings. Just perfection.

Venue: ICA Boston
Planner & Stylist: K.Kerkorian Weddings
Catering: The Catered Affair
Florals: Laura Jean Florals
Entertainment: Nightshift Entertainment, Hudson Band
Rentals: Peak
Videography: Rubin Production
Transportation: Rockstar Limo
Balloons: Fig Balloon Co.