Jackie + Donovan

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Intimate Wedding Photography - Aldworth Manor

If you’ve ever imagined what Italy in the summer might feel like, this is as close as I’ve come to being surrounded by the warm nostalgia and overwhelming sense of wellbeing since my time in Italy. Aldworth Manor with all its arch ways, winding stair cases and stucco walls was originally built in 1908 in Worcester Massachusetts and later moved to its home nestled away in the New Hampshire countryside. Looking through the golden haze of the late summer evening, Mount Monadock sits on the horizon watching over the festivities, while the garden blooms with brightly colored bulbs and wafts a subtle scent over the villa.

Donovan and Jackie embraced the essence of simplicity and summer time romance that this little piece of the world offered up to them. Surrounded by their best friends and loved ones, small details were woven though out the day bringing the group together in way that made the group feel like one big family. 

When choosing a first look location its always really important for me to give the couple a space where they can be together in an atmosphere of intimacy. Something about a first look feels almost secretive to me, theres something that makes the heart beat a little faster, theres anticipation so thick its tangible. Because of the expanse of the venue we opted here to find a little alcove in he trees to give the couple privacy as well as a lush feeling.

Nothing but elegance and charm for this couples wedding ceremony. Jackie who walked half way with her step dad and was handed off to her father for her final walk down the aisle was glowing with the happiness of the day, her big bright smile lighting up the bright summer afternoon. The two kept their vows simple and traditional as their friends and family looked on and embraced one another. When the bride and groom finally embraced in their first kiss and took their celebratory walk down the aisle as husband and wife it was as if the words let the party begin were being shouted from the roof tops and party they did!

This wedding reception was handcrafted by the bride and groom, they opted to do away with some of the more traditional items like cake cutting and tossing the bouquet. Instead the focus of the evening was on connecting to one another, laughing together, and dancing like the roof was on fire!

For our golden hour portraits, we wandered around the grounds of the villa and stopping every so often to take advantage of the vintage cars scattered around thanks to Donovan’s dad. Jackie and Donovan are naturally playful and by the end of a long day the pair was ready to just let loose and be their crazy beautiful selves!