Victoria + Felipe // Josias River Farm, Cape Neddick

Aundrea MarschounWedding

Each year Florian and I have the privilege of meeting truly wonderful couples and their friends and families. We get to celebrate love and because of our unique vantage behind the camera we must stay present and truly witness what is before us. There are some weddings going into the season that we are extra excited about because we’ve either had the privilege of meeting with the couple and cant wait to spend more time with them or because we know we get to see and explore a new place. However each year there are a few memorable couples that take us totally by surprise.

Victoria and Felipe were such a couple. I had spoken with Victoria early on and knew she was a kind and gentle person, that she was both warm and artistic. We felt confident that we would really enjoy our time with her and Felipe but had no idea of how connective and truly wonderful these two humans actually are! There are really no words for how happy I am that these two found each other. That Felipe kept going back to that coffee shop and that Victoria was bold enough to call him out and kind enough to see him for the wonderful kind person he is.

Josias Farm in Cape Neddick, Maine is really a hidden gem. A wedding venue that really has it all. The day was a perfect journey from one place to the next. Each corner of this beautiful farm offering a new piece of gorgeousness. From getting ready in the rustic but not cheesey cottage, cocktail hour on the lawn and dancing in the barn,  it was both easy and fun!

Pulling Victoria and Felipe away for a little while to explore the surrounding are gave us the opportunity to relax and capture a few of their intimate alone moments. Finding stray beams of light filling the forest, the atmosphere was moody and almost as if the two were a part of days of old fairytale.

Of course a good wedding celebration is just that, a celebrations! Filled with good food, laughter, dancing and the warmth and love of friends and family!

Venue: Josias River Farm
Florals: Watershed Floral
Yummy Food: The Black Tie Co.
Booty Shaking Music: Deborah Watts
Coordination: Heather Dusty