Rachel + Jonathan // Mt. Washington Wedding

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bride and groom portrait on top of the mountain

There are certain people you meet in life that leave an impression on you, usually they come out of nowhere and maybe you can’t even pinpoint what it is exactly. Florian and I both felt that way with Jonathan and Rachel. Perhaps its because they were genuinely warm and loving to each other, their friends and even us as strangers. Maybe it was the way they looked at life as an adventure and an opportunity to connect to the people and world around them or maybe it’s a combination of lots of little things. Either way the two of them and even some of their friends and family will stay with Florian and I for quite a while.

As for the wedding, lets start at day one. These two wanted to do something really authentic and full of type 2 fun which Jonathan explained to us was the ultimate goal. The day started with them and about thirty of their closest friends hiking up Mt. Washington which is part of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Rachel wore white and Jonathan black as they scaled the mountain in what ended up being one of the most gorgeous days of the summer.  Two thirds of the way up everyone stopped off at lake of the clouds which is home to one of the huts along the Appalachian Trail to refresh. Rachel and Jonathan snuck away to sit quietly and write their wedding vows before heading up to the tippy top to meet the rest of their friends and family. Upon arriving at the summit a spontaneous isle was made out of hiking packs for Rachel and her father to walk down together. The ceremony was true to form, they laughed, we all cried, they kissed and said beautiful words to each other and we all cheered. Like I said it left a lasting impression!

Day Two of Rachel and Jonathans Adventure Wedding was a bit more traditional but no less fun. Held at the Bellevue Barn in Jefferson, New Hampshire with sprawling views and the old timey feel of a summer party complete with lawn games and rocking chairs. The day felt festive and because the ceremony was the previous day everyone came relaxed and ready to enjoy the company of one another. The night was warm and the sunset picturesque but my favorite part of the evening was hearing the stories of the two of them told by friends and family. Instead of doing traditional toasts the couple asked for a format more in the tradition of the Moth from NPR, the stories were in all formats but full of what made this group drawn to one another!