Patrick + Veronica // Boston Elopement

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When people ask me what my ideal wedding is I often have a hard time coming up with a solid answer. Truth be told, I have less of an ideal wedding and more of an ideal couple. When I get to come beside two people in love who have a unique vision for their wedding day, be it a big shindig or a day at the courthouse, I am in my element. I love when a wedding dress is dirty by days end, when stray wisps of hair surround a brides face and a groom is flushed from a mixture of joy and activity.

Patrick and Veronica are a perfect example of what fuels my love of photographing weddings. The two of them decided on a simple Boston City Courthouse wedding but did it in a big way! They made their wedding day a total reflection of who they are and because of this their joy and love literally stopped traffic.

Starting the day at the Boutique Lenox hotel the two did their first look in a cozy corner where they were promptly joined by their parents. As Boston decided to grant them the gift of a random warm day we opted to walk to the near by subway for a festive ride to the courthouse!

Walking into City Hall following this dashing pair was such a fun experience. Something so grand combined with the somehow familiar feeling of waiting in an office was such a juxtaposition that it somehow heightened the excitement. The city clerk was a friendly man with a tiny office that we all squeezed into to surround Pat & Roni as they said their vows. The intimacy of the little room in the big courthouse made the moment feel quite monumental!

Among the concrete and offices the city court house hides majestic spiraling staircases ensconced in natural light. Patrick and Roni took advantage of our little corner and danced a little dance together as husband and wife. From this point on the day was all fun and games! We cruised around Boston, stopped for drinks at the Bell In Hand Tavern and took in all the old school beauty that Boston has to offer.

We ended the day with a cozy dinner at Bistro Du Midi with drinks and hugs and a few tears. It was all that we love about weddings and more!

Getting Ready: Lenox Hotel
Cermony: Boston City Hall
Refreshments: Bell in Hand Tavern
Reception Dinner: Bistro Du Midi 
Flowers: Wild Folk Studio