Sam + Tory // South Dartmouth Wedding

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Bride & Groom Portraits - Cuddling

There are all types of couples in the world, romantic couples, passionate couples, silly couples, the combinations are endless and all completely unique and beautiful. I knew from our few brief conversations that Tory and Sam valued relationship and authenticity above all else. As the day passed and I watched the two of them (as only a photographer does) I noticed that these two traits were prevalent in all their interactions. Anytime they were in close proximity, one of them invariably reached out to touch the other, sometimes a squeeze but more often than not just a brief hand on the back or even on many occasions just one finger reaching out to momentarily graze the other. The word that continues to play out in my mind when I think of Tory and Sam is partners.

In the spirit of being partners, the two of them nixed the idea of a first look early on in the day. They wanted to be together, they wanted to be with their friends, their people. In a giant colonial house in what felt like the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the bustle of their bridal party as well as close friends the two prepared for their wedding. There was no stress only laughter and love. 

Down in South Dartmouth MA at a house by the bay , surrounded by forest and ferns and the sea, Tory and Sam had their wedding ceremony. With no pretentiousness and ample amounts of simple beauty, good food and friends embracing, this stunning bride and groom walked hand and hand down the isle together. There were tears and laughter as their guests joined in the merriment of this beautiful moment in time. 

Sneaking away for some alone time to stroll along the pier and take a few pictures alone, the two meandered with frequent stops to embrace and take it all in. One of my favorite memories of my time with them was watching as they described what made each laugh (there was mentions of snacks was all Ill say here) and like always, learning about these two people in such an intimate setting made me feel so fortunate to have had this one day with them. 

True to form, this day would end with a cozy, heartwarming wedding reception. Surrounded by elegant greenery, warm light and people who genuinely  interacted and connected in celebration with one another, Sam and Tory took it all in hand in hand. 

Officiant: Sharon Weintraub
Invitation Designer: Chelsea Amato
Catering: Easy Entertaining
Flowers: Greenlion Design
DJ: Quinn Raymond