Tiana – Maker Surfboards

Aundrea MarschounCouple

Not too long ago I ran a campaign asking people in the community to nominate someone with a story that needed to be told. When Michael from Blue Motion Pictures and I came across Tiana’s story it immediately stood out to us.

In a field that is almost all male, Tiana is not only making a place for herself as a surfboard glasser but her unique style is beginning to garnering a lot of attention. The bold colorful boards and custom designs she creates are like nothing that I’ve come across and her boards are making their way all over the world.

Spending time with “Ti” has been a huge blessing, the ease in which she executes this and every other part of her life is beautiful to witness. Her story is one of love and passion, beauty and grace and I hope that it inspires you as much as it has me!┬áTo learn more about what Tiana is doing check out the amazing video by Blue Motion Pictures at the end of this post and if you want to follow Tiana and her husband’s journey you can find them on Instagram @makersurfboards!