Rachel + Jeff // Worcester Wedding

Aundrea MarschounFeatured, Wedding

Backyard weddings hold a certain charm in my opinion. There is something really special about being in a place that is also a home with shared memories, childhood photos and remnants of teenage years gone by. I find that people somehow feel more relaxed, and in place in these sort of weddings. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good wedding venue, beach or mountain top as well, its just a different speed and focus.

For Rachel and Jeffs wedding in Worcester Ma the two decided on Rachels family home as it was halfway in between their old home in Eastampton and their new home in Portland MA. For months before the big day the family gathered each weekend, putting in hours of yard work preparing for the big day. Summer days i’m sure they wont forget. As we entered the front gate we immediately felt transported to a festive, happy celebration. Everything was ensconced in florals, everyone was pitter pattering too and fro tying ties, setting up chairs, writing special words for the couple. When all was said and done the day was not only beautiful but reflective of the two of them. I had the feeling that every person there had as much fun as the couple and what better way to celebrate with the people who have shared your life with you and helped you get where you are today! 

Florals: John Sundling Plant Office
Cake: Mt. Tom’s Ice Cream
Yummy Food: Shuck Food Truck
Hair & Makeup: Lu Lu Beauty Co. 
Dress: Ivy and Aster